Cibiana di Cadore

The village of murals and the Messner Mountain Museum

Today known as “the village that paints its own history”, Cibiana has become an open-air museum of wall frescoes painted on its ancient houses by artists coming from all over the world, depicting the life and times of long ago. So you would be well advised to take the time for a short wander around the streets of this little village, guaranteed to fill your heart with colour.
From Cibiana you can get to the Messner Mountain Museum Dolomites, a must if you are looking for the best viewing points for admiring the Dolomites, and if you are an enthusiast of the mountains and their protagonists. Situated on Mount Rite at an altitude of 2181 metres, and boasting a fortress from the Great War, the museum is amazing for its exhibits and even more so for its breathtaking all-round views over the most spectacular mountains.

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Monte Rite, Cibiana di Cadore
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